Friday, April 30, 2004

An Announcement
Due to certain events in my life over the past few week, the Blog may take a slightly more serious look at life for a while. The Blog initially was very much "heart on sleeve" stuff and that was wrong, so I purposely changed it to the collection of trivia it is now (vending machine accidents, grime graffiti, Kit Kat slogans, motorway stories). This was to give the impression of "moving on". This Blog won't be full of self pity, don't worry about that, but the observations and stories maybe a little darker. For instance today's life in the slow lane would read....

"Saw young woman wiping her eyes behind the wheel of a Black Ford Ka. About 25, blond, hair tied back, smart suit, little bit overweight (but not too much), pretty face. I saw her wipe her eyes with a tissue and as I drove past, I saw her biting her lip and fighting back the tears. My heart reached out to her. I tried to catch her gaze so I could just give her a smile, let her know that a stranger had noticed her pain and wanted to make her day a little better. She kept looking straight ahead, fighting the tears, we were stuck in traffic side by side for about 2 miles, eventually losing sight of her car at Clackett Lane. Sighted upper tributaries of the M26 and the clockwise Kent/Surry M25. Time delay: Few tracks of morning Radio 2"

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My "Support Group"

To all my friends and family I would like to say "thank you" for the last few days. You've been incredible. Above and beyond.

Thank You, in no particular order

Dave and Nadia
Anton and Gillian
Bob and Maxine
Pat and Peter
Barry and Sue

and most of all my Mum.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Little Defeat
1 can of refreshing Diet Pepsi - 45p
Inserted - £1
Returned - 45p
Net Loss 10p

2004 Running Total +7p
Well it's been a while since last blog. Blame combination of 406 water pump, Tiger Woods 2004, Golf, New Putter (TM TPi.. very nice) and general, general apathy.
Life in the Slow Lane
Spotted Four Garden Chairs (white) in a field by the side of the Southbound M23 (J8>J9).

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Little Victory
Walker's Sensations Crisps (Slow Roasted Lamb and Mint Flavour), placed in the dispensing receptacle for ordinary Walker's crisps.
RRP : 45p
Dispensing Machine Price : 38p
Charged : 28p

Net Profit 10p

Running 2004 Total : +17p

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Kit Kat #8
8 Kit Kats, 8 different messages. 35p... no little victory.

life in the
fast lane
use your

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Please Support

Observations/Occurrences since Last Blog

a) GDN Departures is even worse now. The months of renovations weren't to put more desperately needed seats in, but to put in more shops selling undesired French produce at inflated prices

b) In Paris, "Upper Crust" has become "Paul's"

c) Now the owner of a rather superb set of Taylor Made RAC OS (L/H)... the old Wilson "Blue Ridges" looked a little tired when traded in.

d) Whilst walking around the National portrait Gallery on Friday I had this uneasy felling I was in a Monty Python cartoon expecting certain characters like Henry VII (pictured) to walk off on his fingers.

e) ?7 really is really too much to see the Cecil Beaton exhibition at the NPG. 

f) I really hate the West End of London now. Full of souvenir shops and "tat". Even Tower Records, once described by me as "Heaven on Earth" is a dive now.

g) I don't think the White Bird spotted on the nearby marsh was a Snow Goose after all.

h) Fantastic bit of road rage witnessed on the on-slip to M20 this morning. Silver Passat and Red thing, side by side, windows down, giving verbal. Class. Oblivious to the mini jam created behind them. Silver Passat had personalised plates... it figured.

Pythonesque Experience in the National Portrait Gallery... not yesterday