Friday, January 07, 2005

I'm No Neil Peart... #00002

"Ikhnaton And Itsacon And Their Band Of Merry Men"

It's a damp steely morning on the M23 slip road leaving the M25, I'm 15 miles from my destination "I Know What I Like (In my Wardrobe)" straining away, "Me I'm just a lawnmower", I smile, remember that Genesis used to play as "Under the Garden Wall" at secret warm up gigs. "Six saintly shrouded men move across the lawn slowly" Essex Radio... the only copy I had of "Supper's Ready" for years was the one I taped off Essex Radio. Was that the night Schenker the goldfish got a mention, probably not. What was this guy on? "Dad diddley office, Dad diddley office", glad I'm not eating this supper, I thought the nightmares started after you eat not before. Apocalypse In 9/8... there was a time when I knew every single biblical reference in this verse, now I just wished I hadn't and I wish it were a pure stream of Gabriel consciousness. I write another letter to Dave, I ask him where he stashed the 75,000 CDs the police couldn't account for. A pheasant flies across the motorway at a height of 4 feet... evolution will sort that flight pattern out for sure...
I'm No Neil Peart #00001

"There I was stuck in another interminable jam on the M25. The strains of "Home by the Sea" were just starting. How I wish I were home by the sea now, instead of sitting behind N.Dentrsangle, W.Betz and E.Stobbart. E.Stobbart, now there is a name to conjure with, sounds like a Dickensian poet, or is that Poet of Dickens... I forget which side of the Medway I am on. Phil starts singing
'Creeping up the blind side, shinning up the wall...." for some strange reason I have visions of my dearest friend doing some bizarre mime to these lyrics... I must ask him if he remembers that next time I visit him in Prison. Poor Dave, how many people get prosecuted for copying the entire music section in the Edinburgh library system. Damn you Sony, Damn you EMI, Damn you Warners. Still Warners make good cartoons and without the wacky incidental music from the 1930's we would never had "La Villa"... poor Alex... wonder when his trail is coming up. Visions of Metallica playing "St Anger" in San Quentin prison pop into my brain, as quickly as that piece of juggernaut tyre flew up into the motor cyclists face 4 cars in front. Just as pass him sprawling on the floor I see a Pheasant squished on the floor; that's 3 pheasants and 2.5 foxes this morning alone, what is going on?....." (to be continued)