Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seems I haven't blogged for ages. The Toshiba laptop went back to the shops two days after the last blog and wasn't replaced. However THIS post is brought to you via a a rather lovely Sony Vaio... which we here at Bemuddlement just love. So whilst the Turkey is gently roasting away I thought I would jot a few words and try blooging from the laptop... it appears to work :-).

Merry Christmas everyone

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well, this is something of landmark, as I'm typing this, sitting on my sofa, watching television (a rather uninteresting episode of ER on Channel 5), all on my shiny new Laptop aquisition. Unfortunately the O/S is not so lovely. Approximately 30 hours into my M$-Vista Home Premium edition (1.5 of which have been spent on the phone to technical support), my initial impressions have been clouded by that of frustration and annoyance. Still, if any of you out there are experience the same problem with a Toshiba A210-17I... try this

a) Download the latest updates to Windows Vista.
b) In Device Manager, ensure that both the LAN and Wireless adaptors cannot be turned off by Vista (to save power).
c) Download Vista patch KB933872
d) Consider buying a MacBook instead.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Caine-esque Words of Wisdom - An explanation

I feel I should explain the "Caine-esque Words of Wisdom". A trend has been established in my workplace of impersonating Michael Caine circa "Alfie"/"Get Carter".

It all started when a learned and wise colleague was relating a particular relationship with a young lady and all of a sudden the phrase "I don't like a bird when she gets too clingy!" seemed appropriate.

Since then, the opportunities for the spirit of Sir Micklewhite to posses us has been often and frequent. Although in all honesty, it probably bears more resemblance to Paul Whitehouse's impression of "Michael Paine".

So there is a formula for such statements which goes something like...
"I don't mind a , but I don't like , Oh !"

e.g. "I don't mind a playful female image in my desk calendars.... but I don't do smut! Oh Yes!"

Caine-esque Words of Wisdom #0001

"Now, I don't mind a fat bloke, but I don't do obescity! Oh no!"