Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well, this is something of landmark, as I'm typing this, sitting on my sofa, watching television (a rather uninteresting episode of ER on Channel 5), all on my shiny new Laptop aquisition. Unfortunately the O/S is not so lovely. Approximately 30 hours into my M$-Vista Home Premium edition (1.5 of which have been spent on the phone to technical support), my initial impressions have been clouded by that of frustration and annoyance. Still, if any of you out there are experience the same problem with a Toshiba A210-17I... try this

a) Download the latest updates to Windows Vista.
b) In Device Manager, ensure that both the LAN and Wireless adaptors cannot be turned off by Vista (to save power).
c) Download Vista patch KB933872
d) Consider buying a MacBook instead.

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